Grant Rogers

Grant Simon Rogers is a visual artist with over 25 years experience of Museum Education and Learning. He specialises in on gallery discussions and creative learning responses to collections and themes represented in the national museums of the United Kingdom.  Through object led (Material Culture) conversation and creative collaborations he invites participants to examine ideas long held as true, social constructs of societies that shape the identity of the individual and create the concept of the “Other.”

He is an experienced Art History and practical art facilitator, leading general interest and professional academic groups around sites of historical interest with a special focus the First & Second World War throughout Europe and some parts of the Middle East.

He has spent many years working training teachers for Universities and further education institutions, developing and encouraging ideas of creativity and visual literacy as a way of exploring difficult and challenging themes of conflict and identity

He is the former Informal Learning Manager for the Imperial War Museum London and a Fellow in Holocaust Studies at Yad Vashem Jerusalem.