Vision:  Art History in Every School

Mission: To give all young people—regardless of background—the skills of visual literacy to access the benefits of a global cultural education.

Strategic aims to support our mission:  

  • To ensure exposure to Art History and art historical skills from primary upwards
  • To increase the number of young people gaining access to the subject at A Level
  • To increase the number of teachers delivering Art History in schools and expand the number of schools taking up the new A Level.

Objectives to support our aims:

  • We will deliver teacher training days for Art, History, English, RE, Philosophy and Sociology teachers who are keen to build on their skills and knowledge. This will increase the diversity of institutions offering A Level Art History

  • We will deliver training days for current Art History teachers to support the new Pearson global A Level Art History syllabus, to maintain the current number of Art History teachers

  • We will recruit, train and mentor graduates wishing to become Art History teachers

  • We will develop a six-week enrichment programme for 15-18 year old students who do not have the option of taking Art History A Level at present

  • We will offer one-off taster sessions for young people in schools that do not offer Art History

  • We will support the final year (2017-18) of AS Art History outreach classes with the intention of expanding uptake of the new Pearson global A Level Art History syllabus

  • We will deliver a package of tailored workshops including online resources to primary teachers to enable their teaching of visual literacy in school classrooms.