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BBC Radio 4 - Front Row

One of our trustees, Caroline Osborne, joins Samira Ahmed to discuss why we believe that a proper understanding of art history is a life skill which is as important as literacy and numeracy. Also featured is the writer Michael Bird who has written a book called Vincent's Starry Night, which aims a history of art at a younger audience.

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BBC News

History of art teachers devastated as A-level axed

Caroline Osborne, head of art history at the private Godolphin and Latymer School in west London, said the strength of the new course was that it would have been "global" rather than being a history of Western art. 

It had gained "unanimous support from teachers, students and parents", said Ms Osborne. 

It would have been suitable for students from a range of abilities in all types of school, allowing students to focus on art from countries, periods and cultures most relevant to them, she added.

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The Guardian

Last art history A-level axed after Michael Gove cull of 'soft' subjects

Caroline Osborne, an art history teacher for more than 30 years, and a founder trustee of the Art History In Schools campaign group, called the decision to drop the A-level “crazy, completely crazy”. She added: “The timing is insane. AQA is saying there aren’t enough teachers to teach the subject - that is one of the very subjects that we have founded this organisation to address.”


The Guardian

Art history A-level saved after high-profile campaign

Just weeks after it was announced that art history A-level was to be dropped the government has said that the qualification will be saved after all.