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Emily Allchurch

Emily Allchurch is an artist who uses photography and digital collage to reconstruct Old Master paintings and prints to create contemporary narratives. Her starting point is an intensive encounter with a city or place, to absorb an impression and gather a huge image library. From this resource, hundreds of photographs are selected and meticulously spliced together to create a seamless new ‘fictional’ space. Each artwork re-presents this journey, compressed into a single scene. The resulting photographic collages have a resonance with place, history and culture, and deal with the passage of time and the changes to a landscape, fusing contemporary life with a sense of history. Her solo exhibition, Visions of Architectural Fancy, runs until August 26 2018 at the Sir John Soane Museum in London. Emily spoke for AHiS at a workshop day on the occasion of her exhibition at the Sir John Soane Museum.

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