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Angela Inglese

Angela Inglese has taught Art History for over twenty five years. She graduated from Goldsmith’s College, having studied Art with Art History as a joint degree, and found a part time job teaching Art and Art History in St. Dominic’s Sixth Form College in Harrow, North West London, thinking it was a temporary fix. She’s still there. She completed an MA at Birkbeck College at evening classes and gradually worked her way up to Head of Subject, then Head of the Visual and Performing Arts Department before joining the Senior Leadership Team as Assistant Principal in charge of Staff Development and Student Leadership. Throughout her career she has championed History of Art in the state sector and introduced the subject to local schools, both primary and secondary, with organised taster lessons and practical projects, led by Art History students from St. Doms. Now semi-retired, she continues to teach and is currently engaged in the team providing resources for the NEC online Art History course.