Art History A Level Saved!


Pearson has announced it will offer Art History A level from September 2017. This excellent news comes after students, teachers, academics and artists supported the campaign to #SaveArtHistory.

It has been warmly welcomed by the Association of Art Historians, who note that this level of media coverage, political engagement and public petitioning has scarcely - if ever - been witnessed for art history. 

An Art History A Level ensures that young people can continue to analyse, interpret and develop opinions about contemporary and historical visual global culture. Thank you Pearson for protecting the intellectual critical skills which will help young people enter our visual world armed and prepared. Thank you also for making it easier for students from diverse backgrounds to have access to Art History.

AHiS is focussed on making Art History flourish. We will work to provide support for the new syllabus when it is finalised in Spring 2017.

We will also be working with the Association of Art Historians on upcoming projects, such as #ThinkingAboutArt

Keep Wednesday 21st June free for our hands-on A level training course in central London.

Tom Powell